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  • Owner Testimonials

  • “I had an idea for a business but didn't know where to start, Randy Woodworth had the insight and know how to make things happen for me.”

    Jeff Saunders, Graff Chevrolet

  • “It’s Refreshing to have an agent who keeps the client in the loop before having to ask for an update. Since having Randy of Woodworth Commercial handle our real estate needs, he has done just that”

    Jerry Gregoricka, VIRON Corp.

  • “I currently have an office in the exchange building and Woodworth Commercial has been a pleasure to work with. Great people, service, and rates. I would look to Woodworth Commercial for any of your Brokerage, Management, or development needs”.

    Jason Wilhelm, Kish Company

  • We have been very happy with our recent move to the Exchange Street Building in Owosso. The quiet, central location downtown has suited us well and we love the high ceilings and cheery brightness of our offices. In addition, any maintenance or other requests we've made have been handled expediently and professionally by the ever cheerful Office Manager, Becky Dillon. What more could any tenant ask for?

    The Cook Family Foundation

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